• Adrien Rivera

    Adrien Rivera

    Current Martian President
  • Connor Strickland

    Connor Strickland

    Hero of the Gang Wars and former head of the MPD
  • Devlin Hamish

    Devlin Hamish

    Head of the Martian Nationalist Party (Martian Independence & Purity)
  • Eddie Abago

    Eddie Abago

    MPD Sergeant and general do-gooder
  • Edsel Cryon

    Edsel Cryon

    Head of the Transhumanist Movement
  • Heather Ward

    Heather Ward

    Neosphere City news anchor and TV personality on GMN, the Galactic Martian Network
  • Keela Neel

    Keela Neel

    Martian Actress & Pop Culture Idol, Drug Addict, and Co-Owner of Kastor Pharmaceuticals
  • Markus Byrd

    Markus Byrd

    Head of the Civic Pioneer Party (Libertarian)
  • Mayweather Bristol

    Mayweather Bristol

    Head of the Progressive Alliance Party (Democrat)
  • Qing Tianshin Do

    Qing Tianshin Do

    Head of the Domestic Labor Party (Socialist Democrats)
  • Raalesh Suvithaani

    Raalesh Suvithaani

    A loan shark and information broker in the slums of Neosphere City.
  • Renella Young

    Renella Young

    Head of the Colonial Reformist Party (Republican)
  • Robert Harbrook

    Robert Harbrook

    Popular Former Martian President - Civic Pioneer Party (Libertarian)
  • Rygel Taris

    Rygel Taris

    A transhuman who filed a lawsuit that resulted in a controversial verdict and riots.