Connor Strickland

Hero of the Gang Wars and former head of the MPD


At 83, Connor Strickland is a weathered man whose face belies a life of combat and public service. His pale blue eyes are every bit as vibrant and intelligent as ever. While his hair has thinned and turned white and his body has aged, he is still a tough old man.


At 20 years old, Connor became the unlikely leader of the Martian Liberation Coalition, a unit he formed from Martian citizens who were fed up with their homes being overrun by gangs, Earth military forces, and rogue Mechanized Infantry. His hard nosed leadership and courage drew the populace to him. Within a few years he had organized a guerilla army and taken back his home.

In the years that followed, he accepted a post as the head of the Martian Police Department. Many wanted him to run for President, but he professed to having a dislike for politics. He wanted to stay where he could affect some real change on a daily basis. He restructured the MPD and secured a massive increase in funding.

When the Red Drought (Martian Recession) hit, and the MPD funding was drastically cut, he once again restructured the MPD. He emphasized a partnership with the citizenry in neighborhood watch units and instituted training in crisis response for the populace, effectively deputizing ordinary citizens with some peacekeeping powers and privatizing the police force. Delegating policing duties to private citizens with MPD oversight, resulted in mixed success that, while not ideal due to issues with corruption and abuse of power, improved the measurable crime rates.

For the last 10 years he has been retired but visible in the public eye as he is unquestionably the most popular man on Mars. Now 83 years old, he is serving as the Grand Marshal for the centennial celebration of the first Martian colony, his home.

Connor Strickland

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