Rygel Taris

A transhuman who filed a lawsuit that resulted in a controversial verdict and riots.


A man of elevated age for a Martian with white hair and a beard and blue skin. He has the build of an aged miner, and a rugged, calloused appearance. His voice is gravelly but friendly.


In 2233, Rygel Taris filed a lawsuit against Stelios Contracting, a mining conglomerate that pulls water and carbon from Mars’ moons. Rygel was beaten by coworkers for “not being human enough.” He reported the incident to his superiors and was subsequently fired for supposed “inadequate performance.” However, Rygel had no record of any demerits on his work history and many at his workplace regarded him as a model employee. His case lasted 4 months and was continually in the news. The verdict handed down favored the Stelios Contracting. They paid a settlement for Rygel Taris’ medical bills and that was the end of it. The employees who attacked him were never disciplined. Rygel Taris immediately filed an appeal that is pending due to governmental resistance to hear the case.

Rygel Taris

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