Celena Neel

Martian Actress & Pop Culture Idol, Drug Addict, and Co-Owner of Kastor Pharmaceuticals


Celena is a widely heralded beauty. She has an oval face with dark eyes, thick lashes, long brunette hair, a delicate nose, full mouth and an iconic chin. She is tall, slender, with an attractive body built for modeling.


Celena is Mars’ most popular young celebrity figure who burst onto the pop culture scene in 2229. She is an actress, model, and singer with a new hit single called “Riding on the Tail of a Comet.”

She has lent credence to the perception that the new drug, Comet, is a celebrity drug. She is a documented user who is now on her second trip back to rehab after a relapse. Her new single is about her journey with addiction.

She is the twin sister to Eron Neel and co-owner of Kastor Pharmaceuticals. Her parents left the twins the Mars-based company when they were young. Eron took the helm with his sister engaged in Marketing and Public relations. Her visibility and looks quickly led her to a life of stardom. She is only rarely involved with the company.

Celena Neel

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