Edsel Cryon

Head of the Transhumanist Movement


At first glance, there is nothing outwardly unusual about Edsel Cryon. He is a man of moderate height and sturdy build with long hair and dark thoughtful eyes. His voice is compelling. Still, he leads the Transhumanist Rights Movement with fervor and direction.


He is currently in Jail. Edsel Cryon protested the verdict of the Rygel Taris case by organizing the picketing of the courthouse and all of Stelios Contracting’s worksites on Mars. He organized a groups of transhumans with the intention of breaking into Stelios Contracting property and stealing incriminating files that would denounce the company’s environmental policies and treatment of transhumans, specifically Rygel Taris. The primary goal of the espionage was to provide information to give Rygel Taris an air tight appeal case against Stelios Contracting. The theft and publication of the documents were successful. Stelios Contracting, facing a public relations nightmare, filed suit against Edsel Cryon. PriSec arrested Cryon and turned him over to the Martian Peacekeeping Department. Martian authorities charged Cryon with inciting riots, corporate espionage, breaking and entering, felony theft, and resisting arrest. The trial is scheduled for this year. The outcome of the Cryon trial will decide the fate of Edsel Cryon and determine what information from the released files stolen from Stelios Contracting will be permissible in court during Rygel Taris’ appeal case, should it ever be heard. The trial outcome would also set a precedent for the treatment and protections of Transhumans.

Edsel Cryon

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