Robert Harbrook

Popular Former Martian President - Civic Pioneer Party (Libertarian)


A jovial and friendly looking old man who still possesses fire in his tone when impassioned. He has a bright smile and thin countenance.


Robert Harbrook and the Civic Pioneer Party won a stunning victory for the control of the executive branch of Martian government as a relatively small party.

He became intensely popular when Earth tried to force Martian participation in the Ganymede colonization project due to his firm response.

When Earth tried to blame Mars for the tragic failure of the first manned mission to Ganymede, Harbrook held nothing back in his vehement criticism of Earth shifting responsibility. In addition, despite a Martian recession, he provided aid to the families of the lost Ganymede astronauts before Earth.

The families criticized the Earth government for the failure publicly and UNSP had to issue formal apologies. Mars celebrated Harbrook.

Robert Harbrook

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