Factions and Notable Entities


  • United Nations Space Program (UNSP): A scientific coalition of Earth scientists. Dedicated to developing technologies to secure the future of the human race by colonizing the solar system. The UNSP is responsible for much of spacefaring and colonization technology. Currently, working on the Ganymede Initiative to colonize the named moon of Jupiter.

    1. Nicknames: Goldfish (swimming around a blue bowl trying to find a way out), Eggheads, Earthling


  • United Military Fleet (UMF): The Earth space military. It was founded not long in advance of a massive uprising on Mars in order to maintain Earth control over its colonies. It is made up of representatives of a symbolically unified Earth populace. The UMF occupies a few bases on Mars and operates with a restrained area of influence. Commonly UMF forces deployed outside of bases are contracted to protect Earth based corporations with facilities on Mars. They are not well liked by the Martian populace and deployed to the cities only in times of desperate need and most commonly on orders from Earth, not the Martian Parliament.  They do have authority over Martian citizens, but due to strained relations, they keep mostly to themselves.

    1. Nicknames: Uni, Striper (after the Blue, White, and Gold stripes on their uniforms), Earthling


  • Earth Corporate Union (ECU): Earth based corporations on Mars formed a collective bargaining coalition to protect Earth’s corporate interests on Mars and the system frontier. Leaders from the major corporations meet on a bi-weekly to monthly basis like a board of directors to discuss socio-political and economic development and craft collective growth strategies. They use vast wealth to lobby the Martian government for favorable outcomes. The common citizens of Mars view the ECU with a great amount of suspicion and there are those who theorize they are the real source of political power on Mars. The ECU is the primary client of PriSec.



  • Martian Peacekeeping Department (MPD): The MPD is the primary legal enforcement and peacekeeping agency on Mars. They are understaffed and underfunded. In recent years, Connor Strickland, the famous former Commissioner of the MPD restructures the department into a highly trained core unit of Bailiffs that regulated, trained, and oversaw civilian delegate policing agents.  The core MPD handles high profile and sensitive investigations in addition to tactical insertions while day to day activities are farmed out to the civilian delegate units. The MPD monitors delegate reports and audits delegate work in random samples and upon identification of problematic or suspicious trends.

    1.  Nicknames: Bailiffs, Biffs, Keepers, Red Heelers, Cherries, Fuzz, Leo, Pig


  • Civilian Defense Force (CDF) “Sweepers”: Sweepers are civilians who contract with the MPD to engage in local policing activities. They receive training in law enforcement and are authorized to act on behalf of the MPD. They get bounties for collars and crime prevention. They are subject to MPD oversight and evaluation through random audits and mandatory audits when lethal force is involved. However, the MPD doesn’t always have time for audits and some Sweepers bribe their way out of them. The primary nickname Sweeper has become far more prevalent and accepted than the CDF and is used even in state documentation of the program.

    1. Nicknames: Sweeper, Duster, Ass-Cop, Junior, Subbie, Rent-A-Cop


  • PriSec: A private security contracting firm that holds a contract with the Earth and Martian governments to act as an authorized security force for corporate and wealthy clients in addition to government officials. They may act with limited jurisdiction to protect a contracted entity and are subject to government oversight rather than MPD oversight (which is to say, very little). PriSec recruits from former UN militaries and occasionally Martian gangs. They are well funded, well armed, and well trained. They are commonly considered a luxury of the wealthy and generally disliked by the public due to abuses in authority. The MPD Bailiffs and PriSec do NOT get along.  

    1. Nicknames: Privies, Prissies, Suits, Buttons (after their fancy suit like uniforms that have gold buttons on the left shoulder), Black Jacks (after their black uniform suit jackets)


  • Martian Liberation Coalition (MLC): The Martian Liberation Coalition was founded during the Gang Wars on Mars. They originated from a group of neighbors who former guerilla resistance units, under the leadership of Connor Strickland, that fought back against gangs, the UMF, and hacker controlled Mechanized Infantry units to reclaim Martian neighborhoods. However, over many years, the group split from its original priorities and became the strong arm of the Martian Nationalist political party. The MLC is now a far-right activist group promoting human purity and Martian independence. They are anti-Earth, anti-cybernetics, anti-gene therapy, pro-human, and pro-Mars. They are perceived in the media as a fringe group to which are attributed occasional violent behaviors.

    1. Nicknames: Milkies, Ruddies, Lipshits


  • Coalition of Scientific Research (CSR – Ceasar): A group of Martian scientists who have agreed to collaborate on joint projects and share research for the betterment of humankind. They also sell their services to private parties in need of scientific research. They make it on the news as consultants.

    1. Nicknames: Ceasar


  • Mechanized Infantry (MI): A historical division of robotic combat frames that were hacked and sent against the Martian populace during the Gang Wars. Connor Strickland defeated them.

    1. Nicknames: Battle Droids, Virals (because they were controlled, hacked entities)


  • Transhumanist Rights Movement (TRM): An organized group of activists campaigning for fair treatment of individuals who have had genetic alterations, cybernetic implants, or are otherwise persecuted by the populace at large. They hold rallies, strikes, protests, and it’s widely reported on the news that they engage in violent behavior all in the name of promoting peaceful and fair treatment of Transhumans.

    1. Nicknames: Splicers, Cybers, Tin Man, Gene-freak, Inhumans


  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons): Much as the Mormon faithful followed Brigham Young cross the united states to Utah in the 1800s, so did they follow another visionary, Enid Young (a direct descendent), as Mars colonization was underway. The Mormons tried to capitalize on influencing the culture of Mars by flooding the lists of migratory volunteers. However, as other cultures caught on, there was a great deal of lobbying for diversity. Cultures all sent their own representatives, and in latter years the population was flooded with Earth's criminals as an indentured labor force. Ultimately, the diverse populace began to partially segregate itself. Large swaths of cultures turned the major cities into reflections of the microcosms of continents back on Earth. While Mormons are still quite numerous, they have relegated themselves primarily to the 3rd Sector of Neosphere City, as they faced stiff resistance from other colonies. They are the only segment of the Martian population to volunteer for time working on the Ganymede Initiative. That partnership with Earth diminished their popularity among local cultures.

Mormons generally disapprove of the Martian Liberation Coalition, the Transhuman Movement, militant groups like PriSec, as well as the progressive and socialist political parties. Younger Mormons actively seek out endeavors to serve the larger public. More often than not, when their time of service is over, they sequester themselves back into Sector 3 of Neosphere City. They discourage outsider influence into what they call "Moriah," as the sector sits atop a plateau. The nickname is a reference to Mount Moriah. Mormons self-police their own neighborhoods and even sign up as Sweepers under MPD audit. Mormon Sweepers and other local authorities go by the nickname "Neighborhood Watch." They enforce dress codes and curfews in addition to local laws.

Factions and Notable Entities

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