Stuff to Know about Mars

  Earth Mars
Average Distance from Sun 93 million miles 142 million miles
Average Speed in Orbiting Sun 18.5 miles per second 14.5 miles per second
Diameter 7,926 miles 4,220 miles
Tilt of Axis 23.5 degrees 25 degrees
Length of Year 365.25 Days 687 Earth Days
Length of Day 23 hours 56 minutes 24 hours 37 minutes
Gravity 2.66 times that of Mars 0.375 that of Earth
Temperature Average 57 degrees F Average -81 degrees F
Atmosphere nitrogen, oxygen, argon, others mostly carbon dioxide, some water vapor
Number of Moons 1 2

  • Martian populace currently uses the Earth calendar for the sake of defining the year from the perspective of a unified humanity. However, Mars also keeps its own calendar.
  • Modern Mars is relatively self sufficient except for some critical elements like water, food, and oxygen. The domestic production of these products is supplemented through trade with Earth. These supplies are almost universally rationed.
  • If exposed to an inhospitable vacuum in a total lack of atmosphere, slowly exhale. You can survive a few seconds this way.
  • Heavy arms, explosives, and large caliber projectile firing weapons (rail guns) are banned on Mars and the lunar base, Chandra, due to the danger they present to the Shell Technology covering the cities. Most small arms available use laser based technology and large, industrial infrastructure is designed to resist it. Projectile firing weapons are far less common and heavily discouraged. Discussion of regulation has met with stalemates, but registration of projectile firing weaponry is required. Citizens in possession of a non-registered projectile weapon are prosecuted.
  • Mars has the following Major Cities:

    • Neosphere City (Fishbowl, Glass City), is the capitol city built as a joint venture between all major countries and houses the center of government.
    • Sagan houses tech companies and military installations.
    • Watney is Mars’ green space where much agriculture is managed and overseen. The city under the dome is the most beautiful. (nicknamed Paradise City)
    • Krasnygorod (Red City) A lot of mining is based out of Red City
    • Tiankong City (Sky City) is an orbital resupply station and city that manages the resource gathering from the rest of the system.
  • The most Popular sport on Mars is Bomberball. it has a sordid past, originating out of the anarchistic gangland period of Mars' history. It was created by sadistic gangs as a means of entertaining themselves through torturing captives and competing with rivals. It is a low gravity game that mixes elements of rugby, hockey, and mixed martial arts. There are no pads and very few rules.  The name derives from the first ball used, which was a bomb that would detonate in an opponent's goal, killing everyone nearby, once a set score was reached. In the modern iteration of the game, the ball is simply a dense, round ball one foot in diameter.

  • Earth and Mars do not get along.
  • Earth maintains small military garrisons on Mars and employs PriSec, an Earth based private security company to guard its investments.
  • Mars does not have a unified military force because of the conflict it would incite with Earth.
  • Mars is governed by a Parliament, an Executive branch led by a President, and a Judicial branch. Parties, rather than individuals, are elected to the Executive branch. The party elected to the Presidency installs a member as the head of government and the Executive branch for eight years and directs policy during that time. Individual seats in parliament are won by individuals who publicly campaign in the associated district. Districts are created by an independent, non-partisan agency. Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the party who controls the Executive branch for a term of 20 years or life, whichever ends sooner. 
  • Corporations wield an immense amount of leverage on Mars.
  • Mars has a lot of gangs and a high crime rate. 
  • Humans who have been genetically modified are transhumans and referred to as "Splicers."

    • Cat's Eyes
    • Pointed Ears
    • Colorchanging skin
    • prominent teeth
    • Tail
    • Genetically engineered birth traits
  • Humans who have had cybernetic work done such as surgically repaired limbs or enhanced features like cybernetic jack implants or eye cameras are referred to as "Cybers." They are also quite often categorized as Transhumans.
  • Cybernetics and Splicer features can grant bonuses
  • People who contract with the the Martian Peacekeeping Department Core of Bailiffs as a delegate peacekeeper are generally referred to as "Sweepers."


Stuff to Know about Mars

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